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Set Free

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Set Free
Women Opening the Word Series Series

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. —John 8:36

Our hearts struggle against ancient chains. We know that we are meant to soar, fly free, and experience deep joy, but the reality of our lives often feels claustrophobic and stale. Walking through the Exodus reveals the captors that try to grab at our souls, and opens a pathway straight into the heart of God. He is passionate about you. He will fight battles, slay enemies, shake prison cells, and break chains in order to make us completely His own.

Open your Bible, and experience the free indeed life He has in mind for you. Read through history, and discover that its words reveal your story. Commit yourself to living fully in the presence of God, and shake off the chains that hold you to this world. Fix your eyes on the cross, and learn what it truly means to be set free.

Part of a series designed to give women a disciplined, daily Bible study.

Table of Contents:
• Introduction
• Lesson 1 - Captive
• Lesson 2 - The Redeemer
• Lesson 3 - God Vs.
• Lesson 4 - The Finger of God
• Lesson 5 - Let My People Go
• Lesson 6 - Loosening the Chains
• Lesson 7 - Set Free
• Lesson 8 - Learning to Live In His Presence and Promise
• Lesson 9 - Learning to Live In His Provision and Power
• Lesson 10 - Learning to Live In His Protection and Peace
• Lesson 11 - Preparing to Meet God
• Lesson 12 - Taking On His Character
• Lesson 13 - Free Indeed
• Bibliography

About the Author
Casandra Martin, an amazingly gifted writer and communicator, left us at age 52 to go be with the Lord. During her short time on this earth, she was a prolific Christian writer who pioneered the ladies' study journal for churches of Christ and beyond. Among her accomplishments, she wrote thirteen studies in the Women Opening the Word series, two books in the Jesus Resolution series, and launched the Ask series with The Love Story: The Study of Ruth. She also co-authored three books with Bill Rasco in the Tell Me the Story series. The powerful effects of her writing, teaching ministry, and her exemplary life will live on for generations to come.

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by Casandra Martin
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